Sirinati, Khao Kho National Park

High in Phetchabun's Khao Kho mountain range, surrounded by majestic Serdang palms, stately cedar oak, and rugged, mist-clinging peaks, stands Sirinati, a unique getaway for unique people.

Often called the “Switzerland of Thailand”, Khao Kho provides a perfect escape from the sometimes stifling heat of the plains during the hot and dry season, while during Thailand's cool season it offers exotically wintry temperatures. Mulberry orchards here produce a large proportion of the silkworms that produce the material for Thailand's famous loom-woven silk textiles. The lilting local dialect, called Lao Lom or Lao Neua, blends linguistic influences from Northern Thai, from the Khorat dialect and from Phuan, a Lao migrant group once hailing from Laos' XiengKhuang Province.

Sirinati takes advantage of its unparalleled location to bring you a complete respite from urban woes and worry, providing comfortable suites decorated in contemporary fashion with local accents.

Sirinati's exclusive dining room serves authentic Thai cuisine, including traditional northern Thai specialities prepared with local produce and complemented with carefully selected wines. Enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed Arabica at the coffee bar.

Everything you might need for a long or short visit is provided, along with savvy counsel and what to see and do while living high in Khao Kho.

Welcome home!